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Hantle 1700

The Hantle 1700 is the best value for a retail ATM while boasting an elegant style, and maintaining the reliability, security and durability you would expect from a Hantle machine. This ATM is perfect for lower transaction volume businesses.

Hantle 1700w

The Hantle 1700w raises the bar for retail ATM’s providing all the latest technology and high end features in an elegant design including a 7″ High Resolution Color LCD. The 1700w is built on a platform that is both modular and secure with a chassis that is easy to install and service.

Hantle C4000

The Hantle C4000 combines the best in class convergence between ATM and self-service functionality with a top of the line hardware platform, perfect for implementing innovative new services and potential revenue streams for ATM owners.

Hantle t4000

The Hantle t4000 offers a high performance, economical through the wall solution, built with compact modular components and designed to be easily installed and reliable. This ATM is perfect for businesses that want to offer 24 hr access.


Genmega G1900

The Genmega G1900 combines all the features you expect while on a flexible platform that allows it to be custom fit based on location and traffic volume. This series retail ATM illustrates innovation at its finest, designed to meet the needs of the highly competitive retail ATM market.

Genmega G2700

The Genmega G2500 includes all the latest technology in ATM machines, with many different hardware configurations allowing you to create the perfect machine for your business. This ATM is perfect for both retail and off-premise locations.

Genmega GT3000

The Genmega GT3000 is one of the top through-the-wall ATMs. This machine still preserves all the features and options of a retail floor model, while taking up less space. This ATM is perfect for any business where space is valuable.


Triton RL2000

The Triton RL2000 model is the latest in affordable ATM solutions. It combines advance capabilities with a streamlined, walk-up design.
Both flexible and functional, the Triton RL2000 model offers your business a great choice for both high and low-traffic merchant locations, and serves as a potential stream of income and a convenient source of cash for customers.

Triton RL5000

The Triton RL5000 model delivers a superior level of performance, reliability and customization options to the ATM industry.
From small specialty stores to larger petroleum and convenience stores, you can easily configure the Triton RL5000 ATM to meet the needs of merchants of all sizes. The prominent LCD display and sleek design make this ATM an attractive and functional addition to any merchant location.

Triton Traverse

The Triton Traverse is designed perfectly for the retail market, it is a high quality, reliable, and durable ATM that will allow you to obtain your return on investment faster than ever before. This machine is the perfect entry-level ATM for any small business.

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NH 1800 SE

The NH 1800 SE is a great value, carrying the maximum reliability and security that Nautilus Hyosung is known for, while maintaining flexibility with its open architecture platform and modular design.

NH 2700

The NH2700 CE is one of the most advanced ATM’s in the retail market; it maintains the reliability, flexibility and security of the 1800 SE while adding the latest, top of the line ATM technology.

Monimax 5000 CE

The Monimax 5000 CE is designed to create the optimal effect in both on-premise and off-premises environment. Also, through fashionable design, Monimax 5000 can be installed in the minimum space for getting cash in all environments. With a Sidecar, the Monimax 5000 supports Bill & Coin accepters, Barcode Readers, and filling IC Cards.

NH 5300 CE

The NH 5300 CE is a great high volume ATM that offers 24 hour access. It comes packed with the newest technology to make sure that it remains reliable, and secure. Also, with the option of 2 Sidecars, this ATM can be designed to be the perfect fit for your business.

NH 5300 XP

The NH 5300 XP is a slightly larger and higher end version of the NH 5300 CE. This ATM has the highest volume and security and is perfect if you have a higher traffic volume. It also contains the option of 2 sidecars making it adaptable to your business needs.

Monimax 4000w

The Monimax 4000w is a compact wall mounted ATM, that was created with speed and convenience in mind. Boasting an exceedingly efficient user interface while still including a full range of advertising and marketing support, the Monimax 4000w is a perfect match for a business that is looking to save space while still provide top of the line ATM service